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To Create a life coaching website is one of the best ways to grow your practice.

A professional-looking site will increase the chances of clients trusting you to help them achieve their goals.

In order to do this, you need to take some key steps.


Clear intention of purpose

Having a clear intention of what you want to accomplish is a great start. This can be a challenge, but with a little guidance, you can easily chart a path to success.

The best part is that you’ll be rewarded with a life filled with meaning and purpose. The following tips will help you along the way.

Coaching Goals
Pen and Journal

The most obvious tip is to keep a journal of your life’s milestones. This can be as simple as a bulletin board on your desk, or as elaborate as creating a spreadsheet of your goals and achievements.

Then, periodically evaluate your progress to determine whether or not you need to make changes.

This will help you stay on track, which is an important feat for any young professional.

Another tip is to read up on the latest news and developments in your field. This will keep you in the loop, and make for better discussions when it’s time to get down to business.

The internet can be a minefield at times, but it can be a goldmine when it comes to knowledge.

By taking advantage of online resources like Wikipedia, you can find a wealth of information to sift through.

The trick is to know what you’re looking for, and what not to look for. This will also help you avoid making the same mistakes that plagued your predecessor.

Signature sales page

Putting a signature sales page when you create a life coaching website is an exercise in pure marketing gold. There are several different ways to approach the task, but the best option is to create a single, standalone page.

The result is a polished, professional looking webpage, complete with a clickable checkout button. This makes it easy for clients to opt-in to your services.

wordpress website


The best part is that you’re free to do it as often as you like. This is especially true if you have a WordPress-based site.

Unlike with traditional websites, you can create a sales page with the click of a mouse, meaning you can spend more time showcasing your work.

The page is easy to update and maintain, meaning you won’t be bogged down by tech support questions.

It’s the perfect platform for your coaching practice. You can also customize the page to your needs, which will go a long way towards creating a more personalized experience for your clients.

A well-rounded sales page is a must-have for any life coach. It’s a great way to build trust and demonstrate your value to potential clients.

It’s also a great place to highlight your most notable accomplishments, such as the launch of your latest book or the creation of your latest online course.

You can also include testimonials from your favorite clients.

Adding a personal touch to your sales pages is a great way to boost your credibility, especially if you’re new to the field.

Booking Calender website

Bookable sessions

Whether you are a new coach or just looking to improve your business, you can take advantage of life coaching website to book your sessions.

They can help you get started, and inspire you to make a positive change in your life. Some of these life coaching website even feature tips for crafting calls to action.

Most appointments are for mornings or early afternoons, but you can also schedule appointments for evenings. These can be either face to face or video conferencing.

The majority of the appointments accommodate people in Australia, the Americas, and Europe.

Life Coaching


Life coaching is a process that involves self-discovery. Your coach will ask you questions that lead to self-awareness and help you achieve your goals. Before the session begins, your coach will ask you what you want out of the session.

Once you have discussed your goals, your coach will help you structure them to fit your personal and professional life.

coaching website

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a booking management application that helps online coaches manage their scheduling tasks.

It is available as an iPad app, an iPhone app, and a browser-based life coaching website . It accepts PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

You can also integrate it with a number of other video conferencing tools. You can customize the look of your life coaching website to reflect your company’s brand.



NeedToMeet is an appointment booking tool that lets you schedule your meetings on the web or mobile. It features a Microsoft Outlook plug-in and email notifications when attendees respond.

You can also invite guests to your meetings, and plan your sessions on the go with your smartphone. You can also use your Google Calendar or Contacts to schedule your meetings.



WhenAvailable is another booking management application that offers a user-friendly interface. It allows you to easily find the best time to schedule your meetings.

Group Calenders

You can even use it to book group meetings. It will compare the calendars of all parties and find the best times for everyone.

Integrate a booking system

Having an integrated booking system for your life coaching website makes it easy for potential clients to schedule consultations.

Google Calender


A good system should also have a calendar integration so that your bookings are synchronized.

This way, you don’t have to worry about double bookings and confusion over your available time. Moreover, a calendar integration allows you to manage your workdays easily.

There are several third party apps that you can integrate with your online booking system. The top-of-the-line apps are Facebook pixel for marketing analytics and PayPal for easy payment methods.

Some of these applications have other features that enhance the functionality of your booking pages. They give your customers more options and give your life coaching website a professional look.

Business Management



Trafft is a business management software that can be integrated with your online booking system. It eliminates email scheduling, increases client retention, and helps you manage teams.

Using this app will help you increase your client growth. It works with your calendar, email, and Gmail accounts.



Nudge is an online app that you can use to set goals and objectives, manage your team, and send messages to your clients. It’s easy to use and configure. You can choose from pre-filled coaching frameworks and customize the app’s interface. This app is perfect for coaches who are new to programming.

You can also set weekly targets and receive notifications.



Showit is another great life coaching website builder that can be used to create your online coaching site. It has a drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to quickly and easily design your site.

Quality Designers

It also has a community of designers who can assist you with customization. With its easy-to-use templates, you’ll be able to make a great impression online.

Optimize it



Choosing the right life coaching website builder can make your life easier. MotoCMS offers a host of ready-made solutions as well as round the clock technical support.

This includes a full suite of tools to help you showcase your content. In fact, they even have a convenient admin panel.

They also have a wide selection of templates that make it easy for you to optimize your site without needing to know code.This includes the aforementioned most notable o’s as well as the more mundane o’s, which are all essential life coaching website templates to building a professional-grade life coaching website .

They also have a host of other services like hosting, domain name management, and SEO services. Using a professional service will ensure that you get the most out of your beautiful life coaching websites.

SEO inscription
SEO inscription


Having a site that provides the right mix of SEO and marketing can help you boost your ranking in Google.

Having a high-quality SEO strategy can help you attract more clients and increase your income.

In addition, a robust SEO strategy can help you keep your client list updated and help you grow your business.


Keeping your clients in the loop is crucial to your business’s success. The trick is in knowing when to engage with them. You may have the best website in town, but if you don’t stay in touch with your clients, you’re wasting your time.

Luckily, MotoCMS can help you build a site that’s tailored to your specific needs.

They’ll even provide you with the tips and tricks to maximize your website’s performance.

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