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Responsive Website Design

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Responsive Website Design

It is an approach that allows websites and pages to display on all devices regardless of the screen size, platform, and orientation. It enables the websites to adjust for various viewport automatically and respond to the user’s preference. Responsive Website Design works through Cascading Style Sheets using multiple settings to serve different style properties.

Three features define responsive Website Design;

  • Media Queries allow us to inspect the physical characteristics of the device and target certain device classes. Based on a user’s device’s properties, media queries allow developers to use condition checks to alter web designs.
  •  Flexible Visuals allow designers to create timeless designs. These designs are capable of adapting to any device, regardless of size and shape. Here, there is a code that prevents media files from going beyond the dimensions of their containers.
  • Fluid Grids enable designers to be consistent and maintain the same feel across multiple devices. Fluid layouts let the users and their browsing habits determine and control their designs.

These three features allow designers to create responsive websites.

There are benefits of these responsive designs, for example, there is no need for redirects, and a user can easily access the content they want to look at without redirecting the page.

They are also cost-effective since it is easier to manage one site; you don’t have to make changes twice. They make designers’ and developers’ lives easier because they prevent them from creating websites for every single different device in existence.

There are various examples of responsive design websites;

  • Willow Tree includes a full menu on a desktop device and a condensed menu on devices held by the hand.
  • Smashing Magazine has a graphic design that features a two-column layout, a full menu, and a combination mark on desktop.
  • Magic Leap has designed a simple website for mobiles with parallel scrolling that brings their stunning illustration to life.

Responsive website design is the future for our businesses, web design, and graphic design as well.

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